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Alicia Benson / Certified Personal Trainer and Owner Warrior Fitness


Certified Personal Trainer NASM

Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Behavioral Change Specialist

Weight Loss Specialist

Certified Pre & Postnatal Coach

Competed in Figure and Bikini Competition 2016

1st Place Masters Figure and 2nd Overall in Figure

2nd Place Masters Bikini

Competed OCB Bikini Competition 2023

Won 2 First Place and 2 Second Place Trophies

Iv'e been into fitness all my life. Whether it be Aerobics back in the 80's, (yes, I am that old) running, kick boxing or weight lifting, I've always done something to stay fit throughout my life.  I am originally from California, We have lived in Germany, Utah, Colorado and now here in Alabama. My husband and I are happy to be back near the beach!!

I am a proud mama of my 27 year old son who is now a pilot and a 2nd degree black belt in TaeKwonDo!

I enjoy hanging out with my dog, taking long walks on the beach, weight training and riding my dirt bike.

Fun fact about me, I used to race motorcycles!

Favorite quote: "Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live!"

-Napoleon Hill  

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Training for Competition

Training for Competition

In September of 2015 I officially began training for a figure competition I had set my sights on in April of 2016.   I was eating about 3000 calories per day trying desperately to put on muscle.   I had gained almost 30 lbs at that point and was ready to start leaning out.   On January 1, 2016 I then began the the dieting down process to get ready for the competition become stage ready.  

Honestly I believe this was the hardest 4 months of my life, not a day went by I didn't have a headache.  Having and raising a child was easier.  Haha   I was on a very strict meal plan consisting of oats, egg whites, chicken, white fish, rice, greens and nut butter and water.  Let me tell you that got old really quick.  Six weeks prior I began carb rotation, that is when the headaches became even worse. I still trained 6 days a week trying not to lose all the muscle I had put on prior. 

Finally the day came in late April of 2016 and I was more than ready.  At this point I was at 8%  body fat and Hangry all the time.  I decided that I would compete in the Bikini division as well as the Figure division to gain more exposure.  Despite being a bit too lean and muscular for the bikini division I still placed 2nd in the Master division.  I also placed 1st in Masters Figure and 2nd in the Novice Figure divisions.   I've been asked multiple times since then to compete again but honestly I am not sure I want to put my body through all that again.   I walked away with 3 trophies, my goal was met and I can cross that off my bucket list.  I am very happy I did it, I learned a great deal about my body and I wouldn't change a thing.

Life Experience

Before moving to Alabama in 2019 we had spent 20 years in Colorado and 3 years in Utah.  My husband and I were both born in California where we met while he was in the Army.  Shorty after we married we were sent to Frankfurt Germany for three years.  We were there from 1987 through 1990 during which the Berlin Wall came down, and yes we have a few pieces of it,  it was a fascinating trip.  While we were there we were lucky enough to travel to many of the surrounding countries.  We returned to the States in 1990 where we spent a few more years in California then headed East to Utah where my son was born.   

I've done a few different things along the way trying desperately to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I worked at Home Depot for 20 years doing various different things, one of which was designing kitchens which I enjoyed very much.   I  was a Massage Therapist and an Esthetician for a short time before I finally decided to get my Personal Training Certification.  Since then I've never looked back.  I absolutely love working with and helping people achieve their fitness goals.  I truly do enjoy it and getting to know people of all ages.

My journey through life has not been one without aches, pains and sickness.  I've had three lateral epicondylitis (elbow) surgeries and in August of 2019 I had Micro-decompression of  L4-L5, L5-S1 surgery.   I also suffered from migraines for years before finally cleaning up my gut with the proper probiotics.   After a year of gallbladder tests, MRI's and multiple other types of tests my gut is healthier than it has been in years.  As I get older I definitely don't train like I used to but I have found other ways to build/maintain muscle and not injure myself.  


My Experience and Background

February 2020 - Present: Owner and Trainer of Warrior FIT

Took over the business on February 1st and I am super excited to be a part of the community and ready to help you with your fitness goals.


December 2018 - October 2019 Personal Trainer GYMGUYZ Littleton CO

In home personal trainer.

May 2015- October 2019 Personal Trainer Anytime Fitness Littleton CO 


 NASM Certification in the following fields:

Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness Nutrition 

Weight Loss Specialist

Behavioral Change Specialist

Corrective Exercise Specialist


Client Testimonies

"Alicia is a great trainer, she has helped me for at least two years. She is very motivating and knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. She is wonderful at adapting exercises to your ability level while paying attention to a limitation, such as a sore knee. Alicia is good at using a variety of exercises so that the same routine is not done each time. She gives a good all-over workout so that you feel like you have accomplished something with each work-out, plus increases intensity over time. Alicia is an excellent trainer, I strongly recommend her! " Dana


"I cannot recommend Alicia enough as a personal trainer, particularly if you are new to gym workouts, and/or are middle-aged. I trained with Alicia for more than three years, until she moved to Alabama (boo!). My goals were to get fit without getting hurt, while also working out to my full potential (i.e. neither over- nor underdoing it). In addition, I wasn't looking to get too bulky or muscled, and wanted to age well, e.g. by being able to maintain good posture.

A personal trainer makes working out more fun, and ensures you'll correctly work a wider range of muscles while not getting bored always doing the same limited routines. The benefits of working out with Alicia, in particular, are that, in addition to practicing what she preaches, she gives great advice about diet, nutrition, and eating to either gain or lose weight. That really helps muscles emerge -- in my case, from underneath a solid layer of fat. Working out with her also improved my balance, and made me aware of the downside of a desk-bound office job, like I have long had.

What I achieved with Alicia's help surpassed my wildest dreams. First, Alicia herself is a fantastic example of what a woman our age can achieve, healthy-fitness-wise, and she remains my role model. She did wonders for my self-confidence, since I work in a mostly-male environment where I am also the oldest employee. Because of Alicia, I now strut around, even when wearing shorts or a bikini, knowing that I look way better than most women my age. And if I ever wanted to look (almost) as good as her, I now know how to.

Work out with Alicia, and it will change your life. She'll add years to it, while making you look years younger.:



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