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Programs and Services

Build Muscle + Burn Fat = Live Happy 

Helping You Eat Healthy and Stay Active 

How It Works 

l start by evaluating your current fitness level and muscular imbalances. After this, I will proceed to build a workout that incorporates your full muscular system including balance, cardio, speed, power, and strength.

Mission Statement

My mission is to help others live a fully active and healthy life. I am here to teach and show people how to live their lives to the fullest through sustainable and healthy eating along with a fun and effective exercise routine.

At Warrior FIT you will be able to choose from the following benefits:

    • One-on-One Training
    • Virtual Training
    • Group HIIT Classes
    • Fitness Assessment 
  • Nutrition plans
  • Advise calorie and macronutrient intake
  • Nutrition diary
  • Monitored Meal Plans 
    • Sports Improvement
    • Motivation
    • Personal Fitness Tracker App 
      • Accountabiliy
      • Corrective Exercise
      • Sports Enhancemet

Our Facility 

In the heart of downtown Foley sits Warrior FIT! This gym is a Private One On One Studio.  When you workout at Warrior Fitness, you are free to workout without the pressure of others watching. No on-lookers. You can also bring your own playlist to workout to your favorite tunes! While we do offer group classes our gym is set up as a one-on-one studio.  What that means for clients is this is truly a no-judgment facility. Come for a private one-on-one session.   

See What on the inside


As a personal trainer, I like to get to know my clients from the inside out. My first step is to always do a full assessment to see what type of mobility platform and exercise threshold my client poses as of day one.  This includes a movement assessment, range of motion assessment, muscular strength assessment, VO2 test, and a cardiovascular assessment.  These are done through a serious of light exercise moves done in a controlled environment and then plotted and compared. 

There is no pass or fail just a true look at where my clients in their fitness journey.  

By taking this first step, I am helping my clients decrease their risk of injury and increase their chances of reaching their desired goal within a realistic time frame.

Customized Fitness Plan

From there I build a solid plan to help my clients reach their personal fitness goals. For most this means spending a few weeks in working on developing a strong core, proper proprioception, and functional stability. Together we will work on your flexibility, increasing your strength and neuromuscular control to be sure that you are able to reach your goal. 

 I will walk you through each move to be sure that you are not just spending time in the gym but that every move counts. I will help you to know what part of the body you are working on and be sure that you are in correct form and using the correct muscles with each contraction.  I will push you reach your full fitness potential so every exercise is an improvement on your last one.  No more guess work.  My plans tell clients what to do- how many reps and sets, when to progress, how much weight and even the tempo of each rep.  

Why do some one else's workout that was made for their body when you can have an expert build one just for you and your body and your goal.

Nutritional Coaching 

As a nutrition specialist, I understand that the gym is only 1/5th of the picture in my client's overall health. What you put into your body is just as important as what you do with your body.

I strive to educate my clients to understand what healthy nutrition looks like. I teach my clients not to be led astray by fad diets but to examine their overall macronutrient intake and remember the importance of keeping the macros in check.

I work closely with my clients to help them build a well-balanced, clean meal plan that will aid them in achieving better health.

As a weight loss manager, 

I help my clients find a healthy and happy weight, and together we will build a nutrition and fitness plan to reach that goal. 

I will also provide my clients with a daily accountability table that will guide them toward success. 

I focus on educating my clients on the importance of reading labels and eating clean.

Virtual Training 

Not everyone has time to come in to the gym.  Virtual training is like taking me with you everywhere you go.   At warrior FIT we offer Virtual Training powered by VirtuaGym.  This gives my clients access to all available plans within Warrior FIT as well as a digital walk through of my clients customize plan. Not a digital person no worries all PRO-members can also print their plans in an easy to use format. Once I build a client's plan they are able to access it right in the palm of their hand. Our Virtual Trainer will count down your sets and record your progress allow you Trainer at Warrior FIT to have instant access your workout.  Not only will this program hold clients accountable to their workout but clients are able to log their nutrition as well. Once your custom meal plan is set up and your macro plan is uploaded clients will have easy access to log their meals and be sure they are the right path.  

For clients who are out of state or unable to travel to the Warrior FIT facility.

Full List of Services and Pricing 

Private Training 


1 hour custom workout 




30 min mini session 

designed for maximum Fat 




Warrior Training 

4 - 1 hour custom one on 

one sessions

       30 days pro app led            workouts 





Kick Boxing 

45 minute Kick Boxing 

strength training combo 



Fitness                 Assessment 

full body muscular and      

balance evaluation


Nutritional            Coaching

30 days of monitored nutrition 

accountability, recipes, and  macro plan 



Virtual Training 

Nutrition Package

30 days custom workout 

pro app

nutritional coaching

meal plans  



Pro Warrior           Training 

4 - hour custom one on one session

30 days custom workout 

pro app

nutritional coaching

meal plans  





What My Clients Say

Warrior Fitness is the Best personal trainer studio in Baldwin County."PERIOD" Creative One on One training, it never gets old. Nutrition coaching and tailor-made workouts. So much better than any Gym. Love It!!!! - Chris

I had a great experience at Warrior Fitness. Being a competitive swimmer I needed help with stretching and building the correct muscles. With their help my swims are faster than ever before - I love the one on one atmosphere there is nothing like that in Foley and the price was spot on!! - Nicole

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